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As with any medical or invasive procedure, precautions should be made to ensure you are being treated with the most current techniques and medically safe equipment. Remember this is a permanent procedure which can not be "undone" once it is done. Below please find some tips to help when choosing a Permanent Makeup Specialist.
  • Ask for references of past clients, then call those clients.
  • Ask to see a portfolio of past clients.
  • Ask how long a technician has been performing permanent makeup procedures and how much training they have received.
  • Ask about accreditations or credentials.
  • Visually inspect the Permanent Makeup Specialist's office and procedure area. Look for equipment to ensure proper hygiene procedures.
  • Make sure the technician is clear about the procedure you wish to have done.
  • Ask the technician is they have insurance to cover their "personal" work, not for the shop they work with.
  • Make sure the technician has a medical history form completed on you and understands how some medical issues may compromise the procedure you are seeking.
  • Never assume the lowest price is the best deal. Procedures normally range anywhere between $200.00 to $750.00.

This directory does not endorse any particular Permanent Makeup Professional, but merely provides a guide to professionals in your area. We highly encourage anyone seeking a Permanent Cosmetic Technician or Permanent Cosmetic Training to research your decision thoroughly before committing to a procedure or a training facility.


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